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I like flowers! Sometimes I put them on my hat, especially if they're given to me by someone special. Longtime followers remember when I had long dreadlocks. That was a long, long time ago. MS PAINT WINXP DEFAULT PALETTE ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR CS6 MISCHIEF MISCHIEF PAINTER X MANGA STUDIO 5/EX

I used to paint self portraits for practice with various programs or techniques I had in mind. After a while, I began numbering them. The last portrait I did was numbered 336467, and I’ve been numbering them that way since perhaps 336460? Either way, I’m about a year overdue for an earnest attempt at a self portrait. I’ll get around to it.

As an aside, I’m on ello now! I’m also on soup and pretty much everywhere else, but I really enjoy using ello out of all of these sites so far. Look me up!

I inked some of my recent asks and later colored them using drawing ink and Copic Markers for practice. 


blackspartacus asked: Can you draw your favorite Naruto character? If not Naruto, then your favorite anime character.

I have a famously low tolerance for anime and anime character designs. I love Golden Boy though. Dub only!
(Kintaro Oe, Age 25)

copesetic answered your post: Can’t sleep. Ask me stuff and I’ll dr…

How have you been.

A little restless lately, but I’m well. You?

smellestine asked: do you like lemon sorbet

Sorbet is pretty good, but I prefer gelatos. Pistachio is my favorite!

Can’t sleep. Ask me stuff and I’ll draw a response!

I wonder how many asks I can draw for before I get sleepy?

Can’t sleep. Ask me stuff and I’ll draw a response!

I wonder how many asks I can draw for before I get sleepy?

I got distracted while I was drawing and I completely missed my train. This big Moleskine book I got feels pretty nice to draw on; if only it weren't so cumbersome... While I did draw people from observation today, I couldn't allow myself to conclude my day without getting some Croquis Cafe sessions in.

A few sketches from today. I started working in an 11” x 17” sketchbook I picked up, and ended up missing my train because I was distracted by drawing passersby. The second picture is from today’s stream. It was short, but I’ll try to get a longer one going tomorrow.


Working in my sketchbook tonight again. Might take a request or two, maybe some commissions, we’ll see! Come join me!

Commission Status report & Large format Scanners?

Folks, I’m looking to invest in a large format scanner in the future. Do any of you out there have any recommendations for me? 11” x 17” should be sufficient for my needs, and good color reproduction is a high priority.

I will be running sketch commission livestreams daily to raise money towards this purchase so that I can scan and upload my traditional works. With a large format scanner, I’d be able to offer finished traditional art as a commission category. Here are some examples of work I’ve done in previous streams!

I currently have a queue of several pixel commissions remaining. One set of pixels is in progress, but I cannot begin the rest until my fee is paid. Pixel commissions do not begin until payment is received. I will also be streaming pixel commissions, unless the client asks me not to. My next stream will begin at Noon, (POSTPONING STREAM UNTIL 2PM. I need to get some supplies…) Eastern Standard time. See you then!

Apparition's ready to sketch! Anodyne; commissioned work. Periwinkle Vastebottom; Commissioned work Periwinkle Vastebottom, bigger; Commissioned work

Thanks for coming out and watching me work, as well as commissioning me tonight, folks! I will be doing sketchbook streams as often as I can manage, and I will always be open for commission during that time. See you next time!


Working in my sketchbook tonight again. Might take a request or two, maybe some commissions, we’ll see! Come join me!

Cliff Corren, Ace Pilot, master mage. I'm finally getting his design where I want it to be! A doodle of my character Anthem. He lives with his dad on a small airship above a town of other cyborgs and robots. I'm still working on his design - that's why all his sprites are nude at the moment I drew this live on picarto earlier today. The bottom left drawing was a request of its-sageroot. My morning routine after work is: Going for a long walk to the library or local cafe, then drawing some Croquis before I get to the day's tasks. I drew this nonsense while I streamed. Sometimes I have to take some time out to warm up. I draw Croquis sketches every morning. 1 minute sketches are usually blue, 2 minute sketches are red and 5 minute sketches are black. Unless I draw them all with dip pens... I drew these during today's livestream. Sometimes people in the places I go comment on what I'm drawing. The gentleman behind me noted that this young woman

Here is a collection of things I drew in my sketchbooks today. I’ve been trying to draw with dip pens at every opportunity to get used to using them in time for Inktober! School has taken up a lot of my time, but the gap inbetween classes has given me the opportunity to work more diligently on visual art.



Very early WIP version of a stage theme I’m writing for my game project.

Princess Sophia is a character I designed for a game one of my students wanted to make. She didn't know what kind of game she wanted to make but wanted the character to have a gun. I had to compromise Moleskene sketchbooks feel nice to sketch in but they're awful at taking Copic markers. Here's a night time palette for Sophia. I need to draw a character a whole lot before I learn them well enough to make decisions on the fly. I need to draw them even more when I haven't finished designing them yet! I usually ink without a pencil sketch, so trying to work from a sketch is a little weird for me sometimes. Most of my sketchbook pages are haphazard collections of characters crammed into small spaces.

School has started, but I’m still plugging away at various commissions and other artwork in my sketchbook. Lately I’ve been going to my local library to get work done. Doing so has given me the chance to work in a daily regiment of croquis sketching with the Croquis Cafe on youtube. It’s a nice change of pace from my usual environment. It’s nice to be around lots of people working on things!

Here are a few pages from my sketchbook, mostly featuring my character Princess Sophia, a character I designed for one of my students at work a while back. Beyond that, I’ve been working on my upcoming KORG M01d video tutorial set with a few dry runs and lots of footage. I’m trying to make sure the tutorials are clear, but also trying to make sure I answer the most common questions about the app from the top. Keep an eye out for it!

No matter what kind of sprite I'm commissioned to make, my first priority is structure. All sprites of this style are scaled against a standard unit size. Sprites taller than the 6 units mark incur an extra complexity charge.

Periwinkle Vastebottom
Commissioned Work, 2014
Large size Pixel art created with Manga Studio 5
25 Colors used

Soft Shaded Sprite Commission for eviljelly.
Character belongs to eviljelly.
Want one of your own? Commissions are now OPEN! Here are my prices.