For practice, I like to revisit old concepts and play with them. Before the relaunch of my tumblr, I had a throwaway idea for a game that involved a mysterious cowboy with a Werewolf hand that rolled into town to clean up crime. The original doodle was discarded, but later I decided the player should be able to choose their gender. The game involved using the werewolf hand to block bullets, traverse platforms and that sort of thing.

All three protagonist design tests involved indicating a werewolf scratch on one arm and an oversized forearm/hand combo. I gave them each a little wheat somewhere on them, and tried to maintain a vertical stripe pattern on each torso.  It was a fun exercise!

Had to cut tonight’s stream short again because I’m in the city right now. Working on designs for the antagonists of my game. Focused mainly on their leader, Black Timbre - a wizard that holds a grudge against the protagonist and his family for destroying his right arm. Ever resourceful, Timbre casts magic primarily with his feet, keeping his missing arm covered with a cloak.

I’ll be iterating on these designs. Thanks for coming to the stream!